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Charging Your EV

Yes! There are some useful links at the bottom of this page with several resources to help you learn all about charging at home.

Yes although there are some exceptions. Please contact Customer Serivce to discuss the details.

Yes we offer chargers by Juice Box, Clipper Creek and Tesla for home installation.

The folks at Plugshare have an app for that right here. It’s pretty amazing how many chargers are on the West Coast at this point and how many more are coming.

The charge cord provided with your vehicle will generally charge your car overnight. Faster options are available for home use which can recharge your car in as little as 3 hours. Commercial chargers at locations throughout California can recharge your car in 30 minutes during a road trip.

Yes every plugin vehicle is provided with an original equipment charging cord from the manufacturer.

There are some great options in the PlugShare Store. Check it out here.

Easy Online Financing

Yes you certainly can. We’ll work with your bank directly and try to minimize the paperwork for you.

Yes although there are some exceptions. Please contact Customer Service to discuss the details.

Yes! We offer competitive financing from the largest and bestest banks and credit unions. Just apply online here.

If you are financing a car, GAP insurance is a good thing to have in case the car is stolen or totaled in an accident. Our finance department will discuss this with you at the time of purchase.

We have access to lenders who serve customers with less than perfect credit and we’ll work with you to find a fair deal based on your situation.

The local sales tax rate at the address on your purchase agreement and vehicle registration.

EV-Specific Information

Yes. Upon your request a technician will extract the report from the car and provide it to you via email.

Every manufacturer provides a lengthy warranty on the battery to give you some comfort that its going to last. People have driven EV’s well over 100,000 miles and the batteries still work great.

Yes. Checking battery condition is part of the certification process.

Home Delivery

We prefer delivery just like Amazon. If none of this is making sense, perhaps try shopping here, here or here. All are reputable brick and mortar car dealers with dozens of locations in California.

One week or less after completion of documents and payment or loan processing. If you’re in a rush because you need a car ASAP, we can accelerate the process just for you at no additional cost.

Currently we deliver to the San Francisco Bay Area. Usually we deliver to your home address on the purchase agreement.

Yes that’s no problem, but remember we still need your home address for registration and taxes.

Payment Details


Cashiers check, personal check, wire transfer and ACH. Please do not plan on handing our delivery driver a manila envelope full of cash.

Registration & Taxes

No, current DMV rules require going through a DMV branch to get handicap plates. You can use your placard in the meanwhile.

We currently sell and deliver cars in California only, and require payment of state sales tax and registration fees. We’ll be conquering the rest of North America in the near future.

We charge a flat $100 documentation fee. Anyone who is advertising “no fees” is just baking the fees into the price of the car. You’re not falling for that are you?

We take care of all of it so you don’t have to.

The local sales tax rate at the address on your purchase agreement and vehicle registration.

Yes. Thank you for your service.

Shopping At CarPortal

We take time to carefully photograph every car in our inventory. The pictures you see of our inventory represent the exact vehicle that will be delivered to you.

We sure are! We have been licensed to operate in California since 2016.

In general we don’t offer test drives. If for any reason whatsoever you’re unhappy with your purchase, the car can be returned for a full refund within 3 days or 300 miles.

We sell what we have in the warehouse. That’s one of the ways we keep prices low.

Yes. We’ll pay you fair market value for your old car.

Every car we sell comes with a CARFAX report so you know the cars history. We also carefully inspect, recondition, test drive and certify every car we sell.

The best way to complete your purchase is to contact us via chat, email or phone to answer any questions you may have about the cars you’re interest in. Once you’ve decided on a vehicle you can complete the process online or continue working with customer service.

Our pricing is fixed and extremely competitive. Negotiations are a time consuming and painful part of buying a car so we’ve eliminated that part of the process. However, that doesn’t mean that you should pay more. Our prices are generally 10% lower that CarMax and all other major new and used car dealers.

Please review this article from Consumer Reports to help you decide:

Every car we sell for delivery in California comes with a 3 day 300 mile 100% money back guarantee. Just contact us within that time period if you’re unhappy with your purchase. We’ll take it back and provide you a full refund.

Please bookmark this page…we’re on our way there.

Our trained technicians complete a 100 point inspection and testing process on every vehicle. We test all major and many minor components for quality and wear. Of course we replace or repair anything we find that does not meet our standards.

Live customer service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week via phone, email and chat. Technical support and finance are available from 9am to 9pm pacific time via phone. We don’t have a sales department.

Our business model is built around ensuring customers receive an extraordinarily high level of service. When you spend thousands of dollars for a product, we want to make sure we are nearby to help personally resolve any problems.

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